Re:Positioning Fear

Relational Architecture 3

"Re:Positioning Fear" was the third relational architecture project. A large scale installation on the Landeszeughaus military arsenal with a "teleabsence" interface of projected shadows of passers-by. Using tracking systems, the shadows were automatically focused and generated sounds. A real-time IRC discussion about the transformation of the concept of "fear" was projected inside the shadows; the chat involved 30 artists and theorists from 17 countries and the proceedings can be seen at the project web site.

General info

Spanish name:
Re:Posición del Miedo
Year of creation:
Xenon projectors, computers, wireless 3D tracking system, sound system, IRC chat client



  • Rafael Lozano-Hemmer - concept, direction, visuals, text
  • Will Bauer - audio, programming, custom hardware
  • Robert Rotman - networking, programming
  • Nell Tenhaaf - IRC sessions channel operator
  • Conroy Badger - programming
  • BARCO, high powered graphics projection
  • Pigi ETC audiovisuel - projection with interactive control
  • Contributors: Konrad Becker (Austria), Michael Boyce (Canada), Andreas Broeckmann (Germany), Steve Cisler (US), Vuk Cosic (Slovenia), Sean Cubitt (UK), Calin Dan (Netherlands / Romania), Erik Davis (US), Scott deLahunta (US / Netherlands), Robert Ehrlich (Canada), Maria Fernandez (US / Nicaragua), Garnet Hertz (Canada), Paul Hertz (US), Margarete Jahrmann (Austria), Andreas Kitzmann (Canada), Ted Krueger (US), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Mex / Canada), Diana McCarty (US / Hungary), Alain Mongeau (Canada), Gordana Novakovic (Serbia), Olu Oguibe (Biafra / US), Tetsuya Ozaki (Japan), Roc Pares (Catalonia / Mexico), Simon Penny (Australia), Susie Ramsay (Canada), James Sey (South Africa), Pit Shultz (Germany), Amanda Steggell (Norway), Tank (Canada), Mark Tribe (US), Faith Wilding (US)