Body Movies

Relational Architecture 6

"Body Movies" transforms public space with interactive projections measuring between 400 and 1,800 square metres. Thousands of photographic portraits, previously taken on the streets of the host city, are shown using robotically controlled projectors. However, the portraits only appear inside the projected shadows of the passers-by, whose silhouettes can measure between two and twenty-five metres depending on how close or far away they are from the powerful light sources positioned on the ground. A video surveillance tracking system triggers new portraits when all the existing ones have been revealed, inviting the public to occupy new narratives of representation.

Samuel van Hoogstraten's engraving "The Shadow Dance" (Rotterdam, 1675) is the main source of inspiration for this work. Body Movies attempts to misuse technologies of the spectacular so they can evoke a sense of intimacy and complicity instead of provoking distance, euphoria, catharsis, obedience or awe.

General info

Year of creation:
Four 7kW Xenon projectors with robotic rollers, 1,200 Duraclear transparencies, computerised tracking system, plasma screen and mirrors



  • Programming: Conroy Badger
  • Photography: Julia García, Ana Parga, Donato Lemmo, Elizabeth Anka, Jennifer Laughlin, as well as local photographers for each city
  • Production Assistance: Natalie Bouchard, David Lemieux, Olfa Driss, Stephan Schulz