A Crack in the Hourglass

“A Crack in the Hourglass” is a transitory “anti-monument” in response to the pandemic and the ways it has halted public rituals of mourning. In this participatory artwork, a modified robotic plotter deposits grains of hourglass sand onto a black surface to recreate the images of those lost due to COVID-19. After each portrait is completed, the surface tilts and the same sand is recycled into the next portrait, echoing the collective and ongoing nature of the pandemic.

General info

Spanish name:
La Arena Fuera del Reloj
Year of creation:
sand, glass, robotic platform, cameras, computers, OpenFrameworks software, lights, anodized aluminum base, 3-D printed polymer head, electronic circuit, tubes, funnels, plastic valves, website
1 Edition, 1 AP



  • Stephan Schulz, Roy MacDonald