Third Person

Shadow Box 2
Third Person is the second piece of the ShadowBox series of interactive displays with a built-in computerized tracking system. This piece shows the viewer's shadow revealing hundreds of tiny words that are in fact all the verbs of the dictionary conjugated in the third person. The portrait of the viewer is drawn in real time by active words, which appear automatically to fill his or her silhouette. The collector may choose to display the words in English, Spanish or French, or a combination of the three languages.

The piece exists in a shadow box format and as a large installation.
Name in spanish: Tercera Persona
Year of Creation: 2006
Technique: High resolution interactive display with built-in computerized surveillance system
Dimensions: Shadow box 104,5 x 80 x 12 centimeters
Installation variable
Edition: 6 copies + 1 AP
Keywords: database, outdoor, interactive, projection, indoor, tracker, surveillance.
Collections: Cisneros Fontanals Foundation (Miami), Colección Gelman (Mexico) and private collectors
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2015 - Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City, México
2011 - La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France
2009 - Galerie Guy Bärtschi, Genève, Switzerland
2006 - Antimodular Research



  • Conroy Badger - programming
  • Pierre Fournier, David Lemieux, Natalie Bouchard - production support