Cardinal Directions

Subsculpture 11
Cardinal Directions, is a kinetic sculpture which consists of a surveillance monitor that displays an extract of Vicente Huidobro´s poem "Altazor" (1919-1931). Refering to the geography of his native Chile, Huidobro wrote "The four cardinal directions are three: North and South". When a presence is detected by infrared sensors, the monitor starts to rotate. As the poem is "geolocated" it always aligns itself to the cardinal points, and the public must walk around the piece in order to read it, like a kind of periscope.
Name in spanish: Puntos Cardinales
Year of Creation: 2010
Technique: Monitor, stepper motor, iPod touch, motion sensors, custom electronics, stainless steel stand
Dimensions: The piece has a footprint of 12 inches by 12 inches and is 45 inches high
Electrical details: the piece needs 100W peak consumption, 20W average, 110 to 240V (manual switching !)
Edition: 12 copies + 1 AP
Keywords: indoor, sculpture, interactive, tracker, robotic.
Collections: Private collectors
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2012 - Antimodular Research
2010 - Galería Max Estrella, Madrid, Spain



  • Stephan Schulz - programming and hardware
  • Pierre Fournier, Conroy Badger, David Lemieux, Guillaume Tremblay and Karine Charbonneau - production support