Recurrent Rayuela

Text Stream 6

"Recurrent Rayuela" (Text Stream 6) is a generative artwork made with the 155 chapters of the experimental novel "Rayuela" (Hopscotch) published in 1963 by Argentine writer Julio Cortázar. The piece consists of a black circular screen that shows a cube with thousands of letters from the book in a fluid, animated pool. When the screen is manually rotated by a visitor, the cube tumbles around and the letters become turbulent; after a few seconds, random excerpts from the novel emerge on screen from the turbulence. As soon as the rotation ends the excerpts disappear and the pool of letters stabilizes again.

This is the 6th piece in the series of Text Stream series of generative artworks which present fluid-dynamic animations that never repeat themselves.

General info

Spanish name:
Rayuela Recurrente
Year of creation:
Custom-made circular display, rotary encoder, computer and custom software
200W on 110-240V
53 cm diameter / 17 cm deep
6 Editions, 2 AP
private collectors



  • Programming: Tegan Scott, Kitae Kim
  • Hardware: Tegan Scott, Sebastien Dallaire, Stephan Schulz
  • Industrial design: Generique Design