Recurrent Anaximander

“Recurrent Anaximander” is a generative animation running on a custom-made 400,000 pixel circular display. The piece features a solar simulation made with Reaction Diffusion, Navier Stokes, Voronoi and Perlin Noise algorithms, running on top of a Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) image that is updated daily by NASA. Small planets in orbit create infrequent eclipses that aid the trompe l’oeil render perspective. The project is named after Anaximander of Miletus (610-545 BCE), the pre-Socratic philosopher who first explained eclipses as a function of a cosmos that is all around us and whose concept of the World’s origin from and collapse into the “apeiron” (the “indefinite”) greatly influenced thinkers up to and including con-temporary cosmogeny.

General info

Year of creation:
Circular version: Circular LED display, PC running custom software, internet connection.

Square version: Custom LED display, steel, aluminum, glass, circuits, PC running custom software, internet connection.
up to 1400W on 110-240V
Up to 200 x 200 cm / 18 cm thick
6 Editions, 1 AP
private collectors



  • Programming: Kitae Kim, Hugo Daoust
  • Production Assistance: Karine Charbonneau, Jesse Morrison, Rebecca Murdock, Matthew Palmer, Guillaume Tremblay