Pinches Pelos

The artist's hairs were engraved with words using a new nanotechnology technique known as "Focused Ion Beam" (FIB). Each engraved hair was photographed with an electron microscope and the resulting backlit transparency mounted on a metal frame. Each print is sold together with a test tube with the hair that is engraved with that unique text. The piece can be exhibited with the certificate from the Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research.

In Mexican spanish "Pinches Pelos" is translated somewhere between "Fucking Hairs" and "Damned Hairs". Although most of the words come from psychotherapy many have a more general meaning that is not autobiographical. Here is a list of the available words so far.





            Get real



            Charity sex






            more or less





            tawdry moron


            sí, amorcito

            need to know basis

            pity party


            test in the head

General info

Year of creation:
human hair coated with gold film and engraved with a focused ion beam, test tube, illuminated electron-microscope duratrans print, metal frame, certificate
85 x 50 x 5 centimeters
4 copies + 0 AP copy



  • Colin Griffiths, Pierre Fournier, David Lemieux, Stephan Schulz, Glynis de Silveira, Natalie Bouchard, Julia H. Huang