Friendfracker is a service that automatically deletes a set of friends from your Facebook account. Upon authenticating your data on the website, the service deletes 1 to 10 friends at random. The project was developed with Harper Reed in one day for Rhizome's 7 on 7 conference. Note: facebook disabled the API key for the project on April 25, 2013. Q: Will friendfracker protect my privacy? A: Yes, the service uses facebook's standard authentication and security. We do not get access to your password or private information. Q: How do I know which friends were deleted? A: You don't and neither do we, that is part of the fun and frustration. Q: Will my deleted friends be notified? A: No. Q: Can the damage be undone? A: No. However, you can re-friend the people if you really want. Q: Will friendfracker keep messing with my friends? A: No. The service works on a one-time basis and will leave your data alone after. Visit official website

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Facebook API



  • Programming: Haper Reed
  • Visual Design: Aaron Salmon