Voice Tank

“Voice Tank” is a ripple tank controlled by polyphonic pitch detection actuation. When two participants speak into intercoms, their voices are analyzed and converted into notes. Motorized components located on both ends of a water tank hammer these notes onto the water’s surface. The resulting waves interact and create unique patterns and shadows on the water’s surface.

General info

Spanish name:
Tanque de Voz
Year of creation:
Custom transparent acrylic tank filled with water, motorized actuators, LED lights, 2 intercoms, computer
110W on 220V
Room conditions:
Room requires controlled lighting. A white painted floor beneath the tank allows the ripple pattern to be more visible
Tank is 180 x 150 cm
6 Editions, 1 AP



  • Programming: Pipo Pierre-Louis, Stephan Schulz
  • Hardware: Pipo Pierre-Louis, Stephan Schulz
  • Industrial Design: Generique Design
  • Production Assistance: Sarah Amarica, Karine Charbonneau, Pierre Fournier, Kitae Kim, Frederic Monast, Jesse Morrison, Rebecca Murdock, Matthew Palmer, Caroline Record, Tegan Scott
  • Coding Support: Roy J. Macdonald