Thermal Poem

A durational performance piece, that consisted of a poem written on two naked bodies using ice-cold water. The writing was made visible by a live thermal camera projected onto the stage, and the words disappeared gradually as the bodies heated up the water. The poem, written by Leigh Kotsilidis, was composed of salient computer vision algorithms: Convolution, ORB, SURF, U-net, RanSaC, Viola-Jones, On the nose, Single shot detector, FREAK, Fisher, VLAD, Kalman, Brox, TVL-1, Feature Tracker, Farneback, Harris, FAST, FIST, SIFT, BRISK, MSER, KAZE, Naive Bayes, Lucas-Kanade, BRIEF, VL Feat, Eigenfaces, Graph cut, Smut, Sobel, Robert, Prewitt, Gauss, HOG, Hobnobbing, Canny Edge detection, Landmarking, Aggregate, Hot cakes.
At the end of the performance the bodies leave behind a trace of heat on the stage and the thermal camera is turned to view the public live.

General info

Year of creation:

Thermal camera, projector, custom software, computer


  • DJ El Segundo: Heatwave, Haus der Elektronischen Künste, Basel, Switzerland, 2022.


  • Collaboration with Leigh Kotsilidis
  • Programming: Hugo Daoust
  • Performance Assistance: Gabriel Rizzotti