Recurrent Sanches

Text Stream 3

“Recurrent Sanches” (Text Stream 3) is a new algorithmic text spring made with the works of Spanish-Portuguese philosopher and physician Francisco Sanches, most notably his sceptical treatise “That nothing can be known” Quod nihil scitur (1581) in which he proposes that nothing can be known through its causes, since it would also be necessary to know the causes of the causes, and then their causes, in an infinite regress. This infinite recursion is echoed in the work as a constantly flowing typographical stream. Letters emerge and meander in a turbulent flow that gives rise to each sentence that the revolutionary philosopher wrote. The entire flow of typography is controlled by a physics engine that uses fluid dynamic algorithms which ensures the patterns are randomized and are never repeated.

General info

Year of creation:
Custom generative code, computer, display
216 x 35 x 8 cm
6 Editions, 2 AP
private collectors



  • Programming: Stephan Schulz