Recurrent Llull

Text Stream 7

“Recurrent Llull” (Text Stream 7) is a recursive algorithmic animation made with the collected works of Mediterranean philosopher and polymath Ramon Llull, born in the kingdom of Majorca in 1232. Among Llull’s accomplishments was the very first symbolic machine, a series of concentric circles that could be operated to generate combinations of “elemental truths”. The mechanistic approach to knowledge influenced Leibnitz and then Babbage to make the first mechanical computers. In this piece, Llull’s writing is animated along co-linear cylindrical cogs that unpredictably become detached and even revealed not as closed loops but endless spirals. The entire flow of typography is generative and is never repeated.

General info

Spanish name:
Lulio Recurente
Year of creation:
custom generative code, computer, display
216 x 35 x 8 cm, variable
6 Editions, 2 AP
private collectors



  • Programming - Kitae Kim Production Assistance: Carolina Murillo Murales, Guillaume Tremblay, Matthew Palmer