“Pareidolium” is a low, circular fountain that creates portraits of onlookers in mid-air with clouds of vapor that ascend from the water basin. The fountain uses hundreds of computer-controlled ultrasonic atomizers, placed under the reflecting water pool, which produce the plumes of cold vapor. As a visitor looks into the water, a facial-detection system extracts their image and creates an ephemeral likeness. The portrait becomes tangible, almost breathable, only briefly, then disappears in turbulence. A square display shows slow-motion images of the past 9 participants, capturing the fleeting moment of vapour portraiture.

General info

Spanish name:
Year of creation:
Ultrasonic atomizers, aluminium and steel basin, custom electronics, computer, water, cameras, square display.
11,520W on 110-240V
Room conditions:
The piece works with natural or artificial light, indoor or outdoor. The piece generates a faint tinkling sound. The vapour generated by the atomizers is cold so it mostly precipitates back into the basin but some water does condense around the piece so anti-slip carpet is recommended. The piece does not humidify the exhibition room in any perceptible way.
180 cm diameter x 66 cm height
6 Editions, 1 AP
Fondation Giverny pour l’art contemporain



  • Programming: Stephan Schulz, Marc Lavallée
  • Hardware: Stephan Schulz, Pipo Pierre-Louis
  • Industrial Design: Sebastien Dallaire, Generique Design
  • Production Assistance: Jessica Blanchet, Orion Szydel, Leo Maraviglia, Daniel Cortina, Carolina Murillo-Morales, Miguel Legault, Karine Charbonneau, Charlotte McCurdy