Linear Atmosphonia

“Linear Atmosphonia” is a sound environment featuring 3,000 audio channels playing on custom-made speakers with LED lights. The piece can be presented as a tunnel or room, and the recordings change typology gradually along the field of speakers: recordings include wind, water, fire, ice, over 200 types of insects, over 300 types of birds, bells, metronomes, bombs and so on. The project results in waves of complex polyphonies that emerge from the array of field recordings.

This installation is part of the series of pieces investigating the perception of thousands of simultaneous sounds, each playing in a different dedicated loudspeaker —what Lozano-Hemmer calls “speaker as a pixel.” A pixel is a point of light varying in intensity and spectral frequency: coordinated with its neighbours, the perception of pixels gives rise to images. The question is, if we have thousands of sound sources in an array, can we see the emergence of a new perceptible complexity beyond the expected cacophony? (short answer: yes).

General info

Spanish name:
Atmosfonía Linear
French name:
Year of creation:
custom-made speakers and electronics, LED lights, computer, 3,000 micro-sd cards
6,000W peak, 1,000W typical, 110 to 240V
Room conditions:
controlled lighting conditions, the piece is noisy and requires silence
variable, eg. as a tunnel 36 x 3 x 3 m



  • Programming: Stephan Schulz
  • Hardware: Stephan Schulz
  • Production Assistance: Kitae Kim, Shin Hae Jung, Jesse Morrison, Rebecca Murdock, Carolina Murillo-Morales, Matthew Palmer, Pipo Pierre-Louis, Caroline Record, Tegan Scott, Guillaume Tremblay, Sarah Amarica, Karine Charbonneau, Leo Maraviglia, Claudia Heinisch, Orion Szydel, Cristobal Urbina