Less Than Three

"Less than Three" is an interactive installation of light strips that form a network between two intercoms. As a participant speaks into an intercom, his or her voice is translated into corresponding flashes of light and this light pattern is transmitted visually along one of the several possible pathways through the network. When it reaches the other side, the viewer's phrase is once again released as sound. Several voices can be carried simultaneously and the short contributions travel fast through the network and the longer ones take longer. The piece stores up to 600,000 recordings and can optionally play them back at random after a period of inactivity.
There are two versions of the project: a large version that uses white light emitting diode (LED) strips that can be installed indoor or outdoor and a small version using red electro-luminiscent (EL) wires.

General info

Spanish name:
Menos que Tres
Year of creation:

EL wire

2 intercoms, EL wiring, custom-made digital dimmers, computer, loudspeakers, microphones
122 x 244 x 28 centimeters (48 x 96 x 11 inches)
6 Editions, 1 AP
private collector

LED tubes

2 intercoms, LED ropes, custom-made digital dimmers, computer, loudspeakers, microphones
Variable anywhere between 30 and 3,000 sq m of wall space or façade
3 Editions, 1 AP


  • Laboratori d'Interacció. Els sentits de les màquines (I/O/I), IDAT, Disseny Hub, Barcelona, Spain, 2011 - 2012.
  • Art Basel Miami Beach, Galería OMR, Miami, Florida, United States, 2010.
  • Transition States, Haunch of Venison, New York City, New York, United States, 2009.
  • Recent works, Galerie Guy Bärtschi, Genève, Switzerland, 2009.
  • Inpoliticos, Palazzo Art Napoli, Naples, Italy, 2009.
  • Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Haunch of Venison, London, United Kingdom, 2008.
  • Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, bitforms gallery, New York City, New York, United States, 2008.


  • Programming: Gideon May
  • Hardware: Gideon May
  • Production Assistance: Stephan Schulz, Pierre Fournier, Olfa Driss, David Lemieux